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Transforming industry through innovative manufacturing solutions.

Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables

With its extensive technological expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the distribution industry on a global scale, Areco Pacific:

Protects fresh products (fruit and vegetable, cheese, meat and seafood) whose deterioration of freshness is accelerated by the loss of water (a loss of 5% makes many products non-marketable anymore) and ageing.

Preserves fresh products while maintaining their original freshness, without the need for preservatives.

Reduces waste, fight food wastage (reducing losses by half), and conserves natural resources (for instance, a salad requires 25 liters of water to grow).

Informs consumers and raise their awareness of best practices to fight food waste 

Addresses consumers's quest for flavour, significance, and well-being.

Improves profitability for fresh product departments (increases margin by 2%).

Develops the marketing/attractiveness aspect of the departments

Allows fresh produce to retain their taste and organoleptic properties

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A pioneering spirit

Since 1998, Areco has been dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for preserving, maintaining freshness, and ensuring the high quality of fresh products. Throughout this journey, we have remained committed to fostering a culture of respect for both human being and the environment.

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