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We provide prompt and effective maintenance services worldwide. We are dedicated to not only preserving the quality of our equipment but also fostering customer loyalty through exceptional maintenance service. Our comprehensive maintenance program guarantees optimal efficiency of our fresh product management solutions and compliance with current regulations concerning humidification.

In addition to installation and after-sales services for ARECO products, our team is also available to assist other companies that offer technical products in food stores.

Maintenance services by Areco Pacific:

We ensure reliable maintenance services through our unwavering commitments:

Expert Maintenance Assurance: Assured professional maintenance performed by our skilled technicians.
Preventive Filter Replacement: Timely and proactive replacement of filters to prevent potential issues.
Dedicated Team: A responsive team always available to cater to your maintenance needs.
After-sales Support: A dedicated team solely focused on providing comprehensive after-sales assistance.
All-inclusive Service Contract: A service contract that covers all aspects, including parts, labor, and travel expenses.
Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy a lifetime product warranty when you opt for our maintenance contract.
Regular Maintenance Visits: Benefit from 2 to 4 scheduled maintenance visits per year for your ARECO installations.

Areco Pacific technician doing a maintenance

Safety and Hygiene

Health institutions and professional organizations strongly advise carrying out routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment. This practice is essential to uphold hygiene standards and ensure optimal functionality of your installation. Moreover, health administrations require regular maintenance checks as part of their control operations. These checks are documented in the security logbook of the establishment.

What is included in Areco Pacific maintenance contracts?

Areco Pacific technician doing a maintenance

Once one of our Areco solution installed, our service teams are available to assist you with any maintenance or upgrades for your installations.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products when you subscribe to our maintenance contract. This ensures that we are committed to providing you with a durable installation and ensuring  maintenance to uphold high-quality standards.

The maintenance contract covers:



Replacement of wear parts

Replacement of consumables

Cleaning of the air filters

Verification and replacement of filtration if needed

Each visit focuses on comprehensive inspections and maintenance to ensure the best possible use of your installation. In the event of a breakdown outside of these scheduled visits, our team guarantees timely intervention to carry out necessary corrective maintenance.

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after sales service

We take pride in providing exceptional after-sales service to our valued customers. Our commitment extends beyond the initial purchase, as we understand the importance of ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of our products.

Remote management control of your Areco Pacific systems with the IoT

This service allows us to monitor your Areco Pacific installations remotely and to respond quickly to any request for parameter modification (temperature, operating hours, days, etc.)  without requiring any action from you. Remote management allows us to develop predictive maintenance and ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of your equipment.

Discover the benefits of Areco Pacific's remote management:

No user intervention: ARECO handles all operations remotely, eliminating the need for user involvement.

Machine settings modification: Easily adjust and customize machine settings.

Activity report: Detailed records of maintenance history, sample traceability, and regulation traceability (water and showcase temperature, hygiene).

Responsive after-sales service: Efficient support that boosts machine uptime and reduces downtime.

Precise remote control: Accurate control and fine-tuning of nebulisation processes.

Site history availability: Access to the complete history of each site for monitoring and analysis.

Evolutive services: Continuously evolving services that adapt to changing needs.

IoT monitoring
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