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cool rooms

The storage in cool room in food shops is the last step in the cold chain before the purchase of the product by the consumer. It is essential to control the hygrometry and the temperature in order to maintain the perfect conservation and the quality of the products.

Nebulisation in fruits and vegetables cool rooms

Fruits and vegetables stored in a cool room are facing different phenomena:

   Thermal shocks (cool room entrances and exits)

   Condensation on the epidermis: development of rot

   The visual and tasting impact caused by dry air

right temperature and an optimal hygrometry are mandatory to prevent these phenomena.

The ARECO nebulisation system fits perfectly in cold rooms to preserve the quality and improve the conservation of stored fruits and vegetables. The hygrometry of the room is automatically regulated by a probe and the operation of the nebulisation is provided by a PLC.

Our nebulisation technology can be installed in a cold room, storage room or modified atmosphere cell.

Areco Pacific Cold Rooms
Areco Pacific Cold Rooms

Our solution has many benefits for the conservation of your fruits and vegetables in cool room:

   Accuracy and efficiency up to 98% humidity (electronic control)

   Improved preservation (from 24h to 72h)

   Reduced weight loss

   Conservation of bright and natural colours

   Dry moisture: does not wet the products

   Possibility to install the device inside or outside the room

   Ensured safety: operation monitored by a PLC

   Perfect hygiene: filtered and purified water

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