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cooling plate

Freshness at your fingertips with cooling plate system

ARECO offers a contact cooling solution, without dry air flow, mobile, temperature-adjustable and very energy-efficient compared to conventional refrigerated display cases. This system improves the products conservation by maintaining an optimal contact temperature (4 to 10°C depending on the need of the products). The quality of the products remains intact, the weight loss of fruits and vegetables is greatly reduced and natural degradation is slowed down.

Cooling plate

Modular refrigerated plates

Move easily the Areco Pacific refrigerated plates according to your merchandising or rearrangement needs.


The connection and disconnection are simplified to facilitate your team's daily work.


Discover a new way to use our contact cooling solution, preserving the freshness and quality of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of the cooling plate

Product core temperature reduced by 6°C

Product weight loss reduced by 15%

Breakage reduced by 1.9 points

Extended exposure time

Decreased losses

Cold chain maintained

No dry air flow

No product repackaging at the end of the day

Standard or custom island or wall furniture

Modular or static system ready to use

Easy installation, use, and maintenance

Apple with and without cooling plate
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