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We are expert in tailor-made and smart solutions to better enhance and manage your fresh produce departments while reducing food waste. 

Areco Pacific office

The story

We, at Areco Pacific, proudly trace our origins back to France. As a subsidiary of Areco, our story began in 2018 when we made a strategic decision to venture into the Australian market. Motivated by the keen interest expressed by major stakeholders in our innovative solutions, we set up our operations in New South Wales.


Since then, we have successfully established a strong presence, with close to 700 stores across the country embracing our commitment to freshness and the fight against food waste. At Areco Pacific, we take pride in collaborating with like-minded businesses that share our vision for a sustainable future.

Fight food waste

In October 2021, we became a solution provider and a proud member of the Australian Food Pact. By joining Stop Food Waste Australia, we commit through our solutions, and all of Areco Pacific's team to get involved in the fight against food waste.

Meet the team

Welcome to the Areco Pacific Team! We are a group of dedicated professionals committed to revolutionizing the fresh produce industry. Together, we strive to make a lasting impact by embracing innovation and fostering a culture of collaboration. Get to know the faces behind our success and discover the collective expertise that drives Areco Pacific forward.

Geoff Davis

Geoff Davis

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General Manager

Robert Mura

Robert Mura

  • LinkedIn

Vice President of Operations and Innovations

Siprachanh Shalaby

Siprachanh Shalaby

  • LinkedIn

Léa Houdemond

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Photo Lea for website.png

Service coordinator/ office manager

Marketing / Communication and Sales Assistant

Francis Monkam

Francis Monkam

  • LinkedIn

Field engineer

Sascha Weber

Sascha Weber

  • LinkedIn

Field engineer

Jonathan Sandoval

Jonathan Sandoval

  • LinkedIn

Field engineer

Jordan Boyd

Jordan Boyd

  • LinkedIn

Field engineer

Tony Chen

Tony Chen

  • LinkedIn

Field engineer

Areco logo

12/12, Homepride Avenue Warwick Farm, NSW 2170​

 +61 2 9602 2939​

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Our customers

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