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fresh herbs module

Enhancing freshness and exposure time with the fresh herbs module.

Discover a fresh world where aromatic herbs maintain their freshness, vitality, and commercial appeal all day long. 

In stores, aromatic herbs often have a short shelf life of less than 24 hours due to typical climatic conditions (26°C temperature and 50% humidity). This results in a significant 50% loss in turnover for these valuable products.

To tackle this challenge and preserve the value of fresh produce, we introduced a dedicated module exclusively for aromatic herbs. This solution prevents freshness loss and extends their shelf life.

Additionally, the fresh herbs module optimizes herb presentation with specially designed large pots that enhance visual appeal.

The module can be integrated into various configurations, including island table or wall produce case, regardless of the presence of a nebulisation system. By combining it with nebulisation, ideal humidity levels are maintained in the department.

The benefits of fresh herbs module 

Better layout of products on the shelf
Breakage reduction by 50%
Attractiveness and increase in sales
Better preservation of products

Theatrical shelf with LED light

Filtered water at the feet of the aromatic herbs

Water level adjustment according to the needs of each product

Longer shelf life

Standard or tailor-made

Autonomous module with automatic water renewal
Energy-saving solution

Return on investment: 6 to 12 months

Enhancing freshness and exposure time with the fresh herbs module.

In a sustainable approach, our module uses the nebulisation filtration system for a continuous water supply. The fresh herbs module ensures the preservation of herb freshness by providing filtered water at their base. Each bouquet is delicately placed in stainless steel containers and immersed in water throughout its shelf life.

To accommodate different herb's humidity requirements, the water level can be easily adjusted

The water renewal process is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention by operators. Throughout the day, the module refreshes the water, maintaining an ideal environment for the herbs.

Furthermore, our module offers customizable LED lighting options to suit your desired ambiance. Using a smartphone app or a remote control, you can effortlessly change the color at any time. It's even possible to create captivating light effects that pique consumer curiosity. This not only enhances the allure of your department but also sparks impulse buying among customers.

Product category: Freshly cut herbs such as parsley, coriander, chives, and more.

fresh herbs module
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