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Safety and hygiene

Areco Pacific provides the most comprehensive filtration system available in the market.

Our nebulisation systems feature a filtration technology that is both advanced and completely natural, without the use of any chemicals. Furthermore, our hygiene measures go above and beyond the recommendations set forth by current regulations. We prioritize the highest standards of cleanliness and ensure that our systems meet and exceed the necessary requirements to maintain a healthy environment.

Areco Pacific ensures perfect hygiene of its installations through a comprehensive filtration system that incorporates a range of advanced technologies:

A diffusion of water fog by an exclusive patented "bactericidal" nozzle system.

5 and 20 µm sediment filters

25 µm activated carbon filter

An ultraviolet filter

An osmosis membrane

Thermosure: a natural disinfection system. We have created our own patented natural disinfection device that prevents the risk of legionella. It guarantees a 100% decontamination of the machine of any bacteria.

Areco nebulisation filters

Automatic daily drain, which is also triggered in the event of a power failure: there is no stagnant water in the ARECO nebulisation system

All our diffusers are designed to prevent water stagnation

All our parts are easily removable and cleanable

By using the Thermosure system, all customers who have subscribed to our maintenance contract now receive automatic coverage through Allianz insurance against the risk of legionella.


This additional safeguard provides peace of mind and protection for our valued customers.

Areco Certifications

Areco Pacific leverages its expertise to develop innovative solutions that meet the stringent health and safety standards set by both French and international regulations. Our commitment to compliance ensures that all our products adhere to the current regulatory requirements.

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