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What is nebulisation?

The Areco Pacific nebulisation is the diffusion of a very fine water mist (95% of the drops have a diameter smaller than 5 microns), filtered by a very complete filtration system.

This water mist, 100% natural, humidifies and enhances the quality of your fresh products both in terms of freshness and appearance, all in respect of the environment. The nebulisation makes the fresh departments more attractive to consumers by bringing incomparable freshness to fresh products.

With the nebulisation system, your products stay fresh and appetizing throughout the day and can be stored longer.

A technology with a head start

Areco Pacific’s nebulisation technology guarantees you the following results:

An ideal humidity thanks to an extremely fine water fog

Perfect hygiene: a specific filtration system in compliance with current regulations

An economic and ecological system (low energy consumption), silent

Flexibility: our nebulisation technology adapts to your shelf or room

Only water: no addition of chemicals (no ozone, peracetic acid...)

Nebulisation at the heart of Areco Pacific's development

Our know-how allows you to benefit from the most advanced nebulisation technology in terms of food conservation on all your fresh departments. The system is both innovative and eco-friendly, enhancing and optimizing the performance of your fresh product departments while tackling food waste.

Nebulisation on shelf
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Its integration

For each fresh department, we offer you a tailor-made solution, whether it is a display case or an island table

The benefits of nebulisation

The humidification we provide on fruits and vegetables has many benefits:

The fresh produce department looks appealing
Positive image for department and store
Faster product turnover
Decreases breakage rate
Reduced weight loss
Extended produce life (+1 to 4 days)
Reduces shelf temperature
Preserves organoleptic qualities (vitamins, polyphenols)
Improved shelf layout
24-hour operation reduces staff intervention
Boosts department profitability (ROI in 12-18 months)

The ARFITEC Group, the parent company of ARECO Pacific, has studied the impact of nebulisation on leafy vegetables and more particularly on lettuce. The parent company of ARECO, has studies the impact

Lettuce with nebulisation

Exclusivity of the ARECO nebulisation system:

Life guarantee of the equipment

100% natural water fog

Thermosure: a patented technology that guarantees 100% decontamination of the machine

Equipment insured by Allianz against the risk of legionella

Very accurate adjustment of the amount of fog to diffuse on fresh products for optimal nebulisation on the department: power, operating cycles and ventilation flow rate

Height-adjustable diffusers without tools, with integrated shutters to nebulise all or part of your showcase

Training on the use of the system to fully optimize the nebulisation according to your layout

Nebulisation for your seafood department:

Favours impulse buying: the fog is attractive and the seafood looks better.

Freshness of products

Reduced weight loss and breakage

The working conditions of your employees are improved

Nebulisation greatly reduces odours and prevents flies and insects

Effective on all the products, including molluscs and bivalves

Save time on setting up the ice wall and icing: up to 2 hours saved

Better conservation of products on the counter

The payback period is only of 10 months

Tested & validated

"Since installing the nebulisation system in our Fruit and Veg Cabinet, we have seen a positive result in store. Previously we would remove all our bunch lines and fragile stock each night from the cabinet and reset the following morning. Since installing the nebuliser, we have stopped doing this, as the stock remains fresher for longer. Customers love the look of the system, and the stock looks fresh all the time."

Joanne Elson, Store owner (2021)

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