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IGA Mt Barker : Case study

17 February 2022

IGA Mt Barker: Leading the Way in Food Waste Reduction

In a bold move towards sustainability, Joanne Elson, a board member of the Independent Traders Association of South Australia (ITASA) and the IGA board's CSR committee, selected ARECO nebulisation technology to fight food waste at her esteemed IGA Mt Barker shop in October 2021.

Being the first IGA shop owner to embrace ARECO's innovative solution, Joanne's decision was inspired by the ACIAS 2021-2025 strategy on food waste and recycling. Aligned with state and national targets for resource conservation and waste management, this forward-thinking choice highlights IGA Mt Barker's commitment to reducing food waste.

Renowned for its excellence, IGA Mt Barker was a finalist in the fresh department category for the prestigious 2021 IGA National Excellence Award. Continuously seeking new solutions, Joanne and her team opted for nebulisation to offer unparalleled quality and create a remarkable shopping experience.

After the installation of ARECO Pacific's solution, its effectiveness became evident within just a few weeks, proving to be a game-changer in the fight against food waste.

After a few weeks of implementation, the impact of nebulisation has proven to be remarkably positive.

The implementation has led to an extension of the shelf life of fresh produce within the department and has shown remarkable effectiveness on lettuce, leafy vegetables, broccoli, and aromatic herbs.

Consequently, the IGA Mt Barker is now able to preserve produce fresher for longer and as a result, reducing food waste.

Furthermore, Joanne Elson's objective of eliminating packaging from products has been successfully achieved with the nebulisation system. For instance, the shop has removed plastic packaging from romaine lettuce and corn. They have also introduced potted herbs and bulk beans as alternatives.

Additionally, the ARECO nebulisation system has greatly improved the management of the fruit and vegetable department at the point of sale. This has resulted in reduced labor requirements, as staff no longer need to repack produce at the end of each day. 

All of these positive outcomes have contributed to an increase in turnover and gross margin for IGA Mt Barker. These increased sales can be attributed to the enhanced appeal of the department, thanks to the positive changes implemented.

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