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ARECO Pacific: Present at Metcash Food Expo 2022

25 July 2022

ARECO Pacific receives acclaim at Metcash Food Expo 2022

Metcash, the renowned retail company, hosted its annual exhibition from July 17 to July 19, 2022, at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. The Metcash Food Expo 2022 served as a gathering point for all the company's retailers, including the esteemed IGA chain, for a three-day immersive experience.

In addition to the IGA conference, the event presented an opportunity to explore suppliers' innovative solutions and discover new products for store equipment.

ARECO Pacific, in collaboration with the IGA chain, actively participated in the expo alongside our esteemed partner, Coolphase. The spotlight was on their refrigerated display cabinets, integrated with ARECO's cutting-edge nebulization technology.

Furthermore, the ARECO Pacific team captivated visitors with demonstrations of their cooling plates and fresh herbs module. These ingenious solutions not only maintain the freshness of perishable items but also contribute to reducing food waste and minimizing plastic packaging. The presentation garnered high praise from attendees at the event.

Metcash expo 2022 Areco stand
Areco stand Metcash expo 2022

IGA embraces nebulisation as a sustainable solution

At the Metcash Food Expo 2022, IGA demonstrated its unwavering commitment to a more sustainable future through a dedicated stand. Present at the stand were Alex Arnaudon, CSR Director, and Fionna Johnston, Strategic Marketing Manager at Metcash, who unveiled an array of solutions aimed at fostering a virtuous future.

Among the highlighted solutions, nebulization stood out due to its remarkable potential in reducing food waste and minimizing plastic packaging.

Simultaneously, IGA launched a dedicated website focused on sustainable development, featuring ARECO nebulization as a key component for the eco-friendly stores of tomorrow.

By actively promoting and participating in the Metcash Food Expo, ARECO Pacific fully embraces its role as a partner in shaping the future of IGA stores.

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