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ARECO Pacific is proud to be a trusted distributor and installer of Jean Bouteille solutions.

01 December 2021

ARECO Pacific: Empowering bulk product development in australian shops

ARECO Pacific is a key player in advancing the adoption of bulk products in shops, and we proudly distribute Jean Bouteille liquid bulk solutions, a renowned company specializing in bulk distribution for retail establishments. With a strong presence in Australia and New Zealand, ARECO Pacific has successfully installed a refill station in the environmentally conscious L’Occitane "green" shop.

This installation further solidifies ARECO Pacific as a preferred partner for integrating sustainable solutions within retail environments. As a company dedicated to transitioning towards zero waste, we are committed to supporting the growth of products and services aligned with this ethos.

By collaborating with Jean Bouteille, we actively contribute to the emergence of innovative services that promote the widespread adoption of bulk products in retail settings. These services empower consumers to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly purchasing choices, fostering a greener future for all.

Jean Bouteille Refill station

ARECO Pacific installs Jean Bouteille Refill Station in a L'Occitane's shop

L Occitane en Provence shop

L'Occitane has recently unveiled its "green" shop in Australia, located in Westfield Bondi Junction. Collaborating with the Green Building Council of Australia, the renowned cosmetics company has introduced an innovative store concept that has gained widespread recognition.

The store's distinctive features, highlighted in esteemed publications such as Retail News, Natural Products Global, Retailbiz, Architecture & Design, Retail Beauty, Global Cosmetics News, Packaging News, Smart Company, and Green Queen, include a captivating green wall that naturally purifies the air and sustainable worktops and sinks crafted from recycled glass.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, L'Occitane has partnered with Jean Bouteille's Bulk for Brands service for this particular shop. This service provides invaluable support to companies seeking to develop the sale of bulk products.

To bring this vision to life, Jean Bouteille has entrusted the installation of a refill station to ARECO Pacific. This refill station allows customers to refill their favorite products using 100% recyclable aluminium Forever bottles, embracing a circular approach to packaging.


L'Occitane's new shop stands as a testament to their dedication to zero waste and the promotion of responsible consumption. Through this pioneering initiative, they are setting an inspiring example for the industry.

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