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AD-CARE : de-icing of seafood stalls

De-icing of seafood stalls: a key operation

de-icing seafood display

In fish shops and large food stores, de-icing is an obligatory and daily task. It is essential to ensure the hygiene of the stalls and to maintain the condition of the equipment.

However, de-icing is a time-consuming operation with no real added value. It is often a manual task and is particularly physical for the staff in the seafood departments. Several tonnes of ice have to be broken, emptied and removed each week.

Similarly, when staff use a shovel to clear the ice from the stall, the risk of material breakage is considerably increased.

This physical aspect has an impact on the well-being of staff with an increase in the drudgery of the work. Moreover, in the long term, there is a high risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

In addition, de-icing is an extremely time-consuming task.

Faced with these different challenges, ARECO, a partner of food shops since 1998, has designed and developed AD-CARE, a mobile, automatic and rapid system for de-icing fish stalls.

AD-CARE: stop MSDs in fish department staff

In food shops, de-icing is a source of hardship for staff in the fish section. A daily task that is not very pleasant and uncomfortable. This can affect the morale of the teams who are obliged to repeat this operation at the end of each day.

That’s why equipping yourself with an autonomous de-icing system, without the intervention of your staff, is essential for the management and well-being of your employees. With AD-CARE, de-icing a seafood stall has never been so easy and fast.

AD-CARE becomes a great assistant for de-icing fish stalls. Equipped with wheels, it is very practical to move to the cabinet. Its ease of use is a great added value for the staff.

The automatic start and stop of the fog distribution is very practical in daily use. Employees are no longer in direct contact with the ice, which prevents injury or discomfort. The risk of musculoskeletal disorders is therefore greatly reduced.

Our solution thus effectively protects the staff on the shelf by eliminating all actions related to manual de-icing.

AD-CARE therefore contributes to improving the working conditions of your employees.

de-icing seafood display

AD-CARE: a real time-saver

de-icing seafood nebulisation

At the end of each day, the employees in the fish counter have to remove the ice from the shelves. A tiring and time-consuming task. This time-consuming aspect reinforces the restrictive and painful nature of de-icing.

To remedy this, ARECO offers the AD-CARE system for automatic de-icing of the seafood shelves instead of manual de-icing.

Thanks to this system, de-icing is much faster. For a 1.20m x 1.80m display, it takes 10 minutes to melt the ice completely. This saves a lot of time for the staff in the seafood department.

As the process can be switched on and off automatically, it is very convenient to use. The system is also equipped with wheels, so the user can move it quickly and easily. This also makes it easier to store the material in the storeroom.

Storing AD-CARE takes little time and space. The diffusion tube folds away to make the unit compact and easy to store.

The very intuitive handling of the product will be much appreciated by the staff. It makes the process much more pleasant and easy. With the help of AD-CARE, the staff on the shelf will no longer approach de-icing in the same way. They no longer have to do it themselves.

In addition, our de-icing system frees up time at the end of the day for your store staff. They can then carry out other tasks. This also represents a clear financial gain for the department’s performance.

Choosing the AD-CARE de-icing system is therefore the ideal solution to improve the management of your fish and seafood department.

How the de-icing system for seafood stalls works

de-icing seafood nebulisation

In order to respond to one of the main irritants in fish shops, the ARECO team has developed a system to de-ice the shelves more easily and quickly. An innovation that offers a response adapted to the needs of the staff in the seafood departments.

This innovation is based on a humidification technology. In this case, the continuous spraying of very fine drops of water onto the furniture will melt the ice. In 10 minutes, the shelf is completely de-iced. The process is therefore very fast.

AD-CARE is easy to use: a simple connection of the hose to a water supply is necessary. Simply position the system in front of the display to be de-iced, the arm adjusts itself according to the height of the ice on the display. It can therefore be used on all types of furniture.

To de-ice your stall, you can choose between cold and hot water. However, hot water is a more environmentally friendly option with an even faster result.

AD-CARE works with an integrated timer. Thanks to this timer, the process is stopped automatically and therefore does not require any staff intervention.

This makes AD-CARE very easy to use in everyday life for the store staff.

As it has wheels, it is very easy to move from the store to the display. After de-icing, storing AD-CARE in the storeroom is really simple. The top diffusion tube folds away to take up little space.

In addition, the hose and dispenser are integrated directly into the product. The compact size of the system is therefore an advantage when storing it.

Easy to use, programmable, mobile and fast, AD-CARE has many benefits that make it indispensable in the management of the seafood department.

Installation and maintenance of the de-icing system for the seafood stalls

de-icing seafood nebulisation

The AD-CARE innovation is a resource that profoundly transforms the de-icing of fish stalls. It improves the daily life of the staff and the management of the fish counter.

To support the seafood department teams on a daily basis, our system is made of stainless steel. A high-performance, robust material that is highly durable.

We offer annual maintenance of the system. This maintenance is aimed at maintaining the equipment and keeping the process running smoothly.

With many technicians all around the world, we can intervene quickly to carry out this maintenance. The maintenance contract provides you with a complete package with the guarantee of a quality technical follow-up.

With AD-CARE, you have a permanent and indispensable solution that revolutionises the organisation of the seafood department.

ARECO solutions for seafood department

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